First major update

I’m very pleased to offer you a much-improved set of data on the site. A number of other improvements in the works, but I wanted to provide this useful information ASAP.

Current Improvements

  • Added the roadmap code to the admin backend and generated data for each link in the primary and secondary nav structure of the admin view.
  • The long full file paths have been removed. In some instances (where it would be obvious that the path was scrubbed), the ABSPATH portion of the path has been completely removed. In other instances, the ABSPATH portion was replaced with the literal string ‘ABSPATH’.
  • The line numbering is now accurate. In my previous version of code, some insertions added additional newlines which resulted in modified line numbering in select files. This flaw is no longer present.
  • Optimized the database configuration and table structures to make the large page views load much more quickly.
  • Added zebra striping to the table output so that it is much easier to follow all the data from a specific row.
  • Added simple links to the base functions to either PHP or WordPress references.

Needs Improvement

  • Need a good theme for the data side of things. I hope to have a better one for you guys soon. I dug around over the weekend for a nice theme with varaible width, but I could not find one. I’ll try to hit up some people I know to see if we can’t get a streamlined theme with variable width.
  • The overall presentation of the data leaves much to be desired.

Short-Term Plans

  • Links for specific actions, filters, etc that go directly to the Codex. I considered having this information internal to the tool, but why create yet another repository of that information when the Codex is here now? If we all work on cleaning up the Codex, adding pages, and adding compatibility notes on how certain internals of WordPress have changed over time, everyone will be helped.
  • Code views. This will allow you to quickly see where each point along the Roadmap resides in code.
  • Add more page views, versions, and descriptive information.

Long-Term Plans

  • Tree-view of the data in an image. I’m playing around with the code on this, but it still requires a lot of work.
  • Roadmap folding. Just as you fold a regular map to focus in on a specific area of interest and to make it easier to handle, I want to do the same with WP Roadmap. Imagine being able to expand out just specific areas of the map that stem from a specific execution branch.

    Not only will this feature make browsing the data easier/faster, it will also give everyone a much better understanding of how all the parts connect and work together.

  • Include all function calls in the Roadmap. This will be a tall order as there are a great number of them. If I improve the loading of the Roadmap with some smart AJAX calls, I could reduce the load to on-request data, so that this would be possible. If I can improve the interface sufficiently, I’ll definitely be itching to take on this challenge.
  • Compare versions and pages against one another.

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